Enorca is an independent consulting firm

We offer a range of specialist expertise in connection to starting your geothermal drilling project:

If you are a concession owner, or an investor you need assistance in the different phases of evaluating the upcoming geothermal project.

Following are the different phase of geothermal development:

  • Project planning and definition
    • Desk review - Licensing
    • Preliminary surface studies (survey)
    • Conceptual model
    • Environmental & Social impact assessment
    • Environmental & Social management plan
    • Geothermal feasibility study (a living document)
      • Financial viability research
      • Technical viability research
      • Compliance with environmental and social safeguards
      • Risk assessment
    • Geological, Geochemical, & Geophysical Survey
    • Financing aspects and grants application
    • Preparation of tendering for drilling
  • Exploratory Drilling (riskiest part)
  • Resource Assessment, Development, Engineering
    • Loan application, financial closing
  • Confirmation and Production Drilling/reinjection drilling
  • Engineering / Design
    • Engineering/Design based on the proven resource ability
    • Preparation of EPC tending for power plant
  • Power plant Construction
    • EPC, Construction of a Power Plant
    • Start up, testing and commissioning /Training
  • Operation and maintenance

Exploration drilling phase has the main goal to proof the existence and potential of the reservoir. Usually, the drilling program is a set of 3-4 wells of full size or intermediate size (slim) wells.  Note that the geothermal feasibility study is a living document over the different phases of the project, and which has several purposes, such as in the beginning to serve as an internal business decision for the project owner and to demonstrate the viability of the project. It must identify the risk associated with the project and how they will be managed.  It also must show alignment with the country energy strategy and stakeholders.  Last and most important it serves as a tool for securing financing. In the initial phases of the project when the risk is high, to raise own capital (equity).  Once the resource has been proven following exploration drilling then the study is important tool to raise financial debt

Resource identification, Surface exploration and assessment

  • Geological studies
  • Geophysical studies
  • Geochemical studies
  • Exploration stages

Feasibility studies, viability and risk assessment

The complexity of planning and starting a drilling operation is very often underestimated.  Same goes for cost budgeting, which is very often underestimated especially for exploration drilling in green field and remote areas. Due to fact that drilling takes a on a very high portion of the overall project cost, then an understanding and knowledge about the character of the operation is important and different options when it comes to contracting is a key factor when preparing the drilling project.

  • Drilling cost budget
  • Conceptual modeling and cost analyses

Project structure design

To prepare and design the project management structure, then it is always helpful to visually structure a model to understand various levels of different functions. This is very often done once you have prepared the basic concept of the project, such as objectives/deliverables, preliminary risk identification, stakeholder analyses etc.

Project management support

For the project management it is important to monitor project time schedules and budgets, and prepare progress reports. Further a good relationship with key stakeholders is important.

Procurement Strategies, development and implementation

We help you to find qualified drilling contractor

  • Geothermal drilling specification and documentation
  • Bid preparation and tender evaluation
    • Compiling the Call for Tenders
    • Launch of procurement for geothermal services and management of the bid process
    • Follow-up
    • Evaluation of bids
  • Drilling Contract Negotiation and finalize an agreement
  • Expedite
  • Hiring of a project manger and a company man for surveillance

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