Drilling Tender Preparation

We can take you through all the steps from technical specification to the Contract Terms and Conditions, weather it should be a standard day rate contract, meter rate contract or integrated drilling contract requirement.

A Developer /Employer, who are planning to drill a geothermal well, need to decide on what contractual basis each and every one of the different services and processes is to be provided. They can be provided under a large number of totally separate and discrete service contracts, or one cantry to combine most of those processes under one integrated contract, or any mix between these two extremes.

The choice of having many separate contracts, or up to 10 contracts, or just one integrated contract or some mix in between, will depends on the level of control, responsibility and risk that the Employer wishes to take.

Different services related to one drilling project can be seen here (click here).

Planning a geothermal drilling campaign is complex as it involves not only works and different services, but also material procurement of different material or consumables.  This involves such as cementing material and related ingredients, various number of mud material, casing material and accessories, wellheads, and drill bits.

Different material/consumables related to one drilling project can be seen here (click here).

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